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Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials

China Guangzhou Sonka Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Sonka Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
Customer Reviews
Sonka company has always been my supplier. Their oil seal stable quality, adapt to a variety of models.

—— Mark Damon

Sonka company stable supply capacity, make my business grew and grew

—— Judy Lockwood

Sonka company high quality oil seal, let my machine loss less, live longer.

—— Sean Smith

Very impressed. Organised competitive quote great timely service. I called on New Years Very prompt service at a difficult time of year. Thanks Guy

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this time due to its excellence in customer care, even on a Sunday afternoon. When I had an issue with express while trying to print a return shipping label for an item I purchased from Sonka. They answered me in time and helped me solve the problem.

—— Cynthia

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Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials

Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials
Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials

Large Image :  Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 Water Pressure Pump VAME047422 Casting Iron Materials

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA(MAINLAND)
Brand Name: HQPA/OEM
Model Number: MITSUBISHI 6D16 Water Pump VAME047422
Certifiion: ISO9001

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: carton box, wooden CHN
Delivery Time: 3-5 days after payment received(public holiday excluded)
Payment Terms: Western Union, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, D/A, D/P
Supply Ability: 100PCS-500PCS Per Month
Detailed Product Description
Material: Casting Iron OEM No.: VAME047422
Egory Group: Excavator Hydraulic Parts Appliion: MITSUBISHI Engine 6D16
Appliion Model: Excavator Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 SK220-4 SK220LC-3 SK220LC-4 Appliion Model: Excavator Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 SK220-4 SK220LC-3 SK220LC-4
Condition: Brand New Condition: Brand New
High Light:

engine parts assembly


engine assembly parts

Hydraulic Parts Excavator Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 SK220-4 SK220LC-3 SK220LC-4 MITSUBISHI 6D16 Water Pump VAME047422

Quick Detail:


Product Name MITSUBISHI 6D16 Water Pump VAME047422
Appliion Position MITSUBISHI engin 6D16
Applied Model Excavator Kobelco MD240C SK220-3 SK220-4 SK220LC-3 SK220LC-4
OEM Number. VAME047422
Name of Brand HQPA/OEM
Die Casting Material Casting Iron
Product Size Standard size
Product Color Blue
egory Group Excavator Hydraulic Parts
Packing Way carton box, wooden CHN
Time of Delivery 3-5 days after payment received(public holiday excluded)
Port of Loading HUAGNPU,China (Mainland)
Transport Way AIR / SEA / EXPRESS
Terms of Payment Western Union, L/C, T/T, MoneyGram, D/A, D/P ect.



other water pump


6136-61-1701 16100-3320 6206-61-1103 16259-73032 4259548 ME995716
6136-62-1100 16100-3464 6206-61-1104 178-6633 20431135 ME996789
6136-62-1102 16100-36112 6206-61-1505 19883-73030 20459004 ME996801
6151-61-1102 16100-78202-71 6212-61-1204 21010-03J25 8970217740 VOE20734268
6151-61-1121 16100-78205-71 6212-61-1305 21010-2522 8973121473 VOE21468471
4131A068 129-1169 6151-62-1100 16100-78300-71 517693 MD973025
4P3683 129327-42100 6151-62-1101 16100-78701-71 2937441 MD974649
6138-61-1400 16100-3670 6206-63-1201 1A051-73030 20744939 ME996861
6138-61-1860 16100-3781 6207-51-1201 1C010-73030 161002980 MM433424
6150-61-1101 16100-3811 6209-61-1100 1C010-73032 210101193 PC200-8
6150-61-1102 16100-4290 6209-61-1100 1K32173030 5136102020 R25-13566-00
6151-61-1101 16100-78156-71 6212-61-1203 202-7676 6202631200 VH16100-0070
4W7589 12990-42055 6151-62-1102 16100-79035 3022474 ME013406
4W7589MS 129907-42000 6151-62-1103 16110-10110-71 3286277 ME015045



related engine 


4BA-1 6BD-1 S6D110 3208 C220 NTC-743
4BB1 6BD1T EF750 DB58T(DBS8T?) C221 NT06B
4BB-1 6BF-1 EK100 DE08TIS C223 VTA1710
4BC-1 6BG1 4BD2 DE12TIA C223 VTA1710C
4BC2 6BG1-TC 4BE-1 DB858TIS C22NE 3D95S
4BC2 6BT 4BG1 D1146TA C22-NE NTC843
4BC2-2 V22D/5mm 4BG1 D2366 C240 SA6D140-1
4BD1 R944 4BG1T D782-EBH-4 C240-2 Nissana-BD30
4BD-1 W06D 4BT V2203KA C330 4BD1-T
4BD1 H06C 4D102 V2607-D1 CP221P 6BD1-T
S6D125 H06CT 4D105-3 V2403-M D201 H06RCT
S6D125-1 H06CTA 4D31 V2403-M-DI-T D370 6BG1T
S6D140 H07D 4D31 V3300-D1 D42 H06CT-1
S6D155 EH700 4D31T V3307DI-T H07D EP100
S6D170 H07C 4D32 V3800-DI-T-E28 HO6CT 6SD1-T
S6D96 F17D/5mm 4D34 V-2403 J05E 6BG1-T
S6K K13D/5mm 4D34 2 FILTER D6BR J08 6RB1T
S6KT D500 4D84 6BD1 M11 FD3302
SA6D110 D920 4D92 BG30 NH220 KTTA19C
W06E DA120 4D94E 6HK1 NH220-C1 KTA19C
4D94 DA120A 4D95(12MM) H07CT V170-T KT38C
4D95 DA220A 4D95L D6D/D6E 4D120 FD3304
SA4D95 DA640 4D95L(16MM) D7D/D7E 4D130 DA220
S4D95 DA640A 4D95L(21MM) D9/D13/D16 SA6D155 6BD
S6D95-5 DA640T 4EC1 D12 3204 DS50
S6D95-6 DB58 4EE1 K13D 3306 EL100
S6D102 DH100 4EE2 K13CTV V21C/5mm EP100T
S6D105 DH100A 4FB-1 EH750 4HK1 4HK1X
S6D107 DH100-H 4FC-1 4D84-2 4HK1 PD604
F17C/5mm E110 4FD1 4TNV94/4TNV98 4HK1-X RA640
F17E/4mm E120 4FE1 4TNE88/3D84/4D84 4HL 3TNV84



Our main product lines applied to all Excavator brand and models, partially listed as below:


PC12R-8 PC600LC-6A-KJ PC400-8 WD600-6 PC12UU-1 PC600LC-6K
PC200LC-6 PW100-1 PC12UU-2 PC600LC-6KJ PC200LC-5 PC800-8E0
PC200LC-6H PW100-3 PC130-5 PC600LC-6KJ-KU PC200-5C PC800-8R
PC200LC-6J PW100N-3 PC130-5K PC600LC-7 PC200-5S PC800-8R1
PC200LC-6LE PW100NS-3 PC130-5S PC600LC-7-M1 PC200-5T PC800LC-8E0
PC200LC-6S PW100S-3 PC130-6 PC600LC-7K PC200-5X PC800LC-8K
PC200LC-6Z PW100S-3B PC130-6E PC600LC-8 PC200-5Z PC800LC-8R
PC200LC-7 PW110R-1 PC130-6E0-T2 PC600LC-8E0 PC200-6 PC800LC-8R1
PC200LC-7-BA PW118MR-8 PC130-6G PC600LC-8K PC200LC-6 PC80LC-3
PC200LC-7-BP PW128UU-1 PC130-6K PC600LC-8R PC200-6S PC80MR-3
PC200LC-7B PW130-6K PC130-7 PC600LC-8R1 PC200-6Z PC850-8
PC200LC-7L PW130-7K PC130-7K PC60L-5 PC200-7 PC850-8E0
PC200LC-8 PW130ES-6K PC130-8 PC60L-6 PC200-7-AA PC850-8R
PC200LC-8E0 PW140-7 PC138US-10 PC60U-3 PC200-7-Ap PC850-8R1
PC200LC-8M0 PW148-8 PC138US-2 RR PC60U-5 PC200LC-7 PC850SE-8
PC200LL-6 PW150-1 PC138US-2 PC650-3 PC200-8 PC850SE-8E0
PC200LL-7L PW150ES-6K PC138US-8 PC650-5 PC200-8E0 PC850SE-8R
PC200LL-8 PW160-7 PC138USLC-10 PC650LC-3 PC200-8M0 PC850SE-8R1
PC200SC-6 PW160-7E0 PC138USLC-2 PC650LC-5 PC2000-8 PC88MR-6
PC200SC-7-M1 PW160-7K PC138USLC-8 PC650LC-6 PC200CA-6 PC88MR-8
PC20MR-1 PW170-5K PC14R-2 PC650LC-6A PC200EL-6K PC88MR-8(JPN)
PC20MR-2 PW170ES-6K PC14R-3 PC650LC-7-M1 PC200EN-6K PC8000-1
PC20MR-2-A PW180-10 PC15-1 PC650-6 PC200LC-2 PC8000-1E
PC20MR-2-B PW180-7E0 PC15-2 PC650-6A PC200LC-3 PC8000-6
PC20MR-3 PW180-7K PC15-2A PC650-7-M1 PC200LC-5 PC8000-6E
PC20MRX-1 PW20-1 PC15-3 PC650LC-8E0 PC200LC-5C PC90-1
PC20R-8 PW200-1 PC150-1 PC650SE-3 PC200LC-5S PC95-1
PC20UU-3 PW200-7 PC150-3 PC650SE-5 PC200LC-5T PC95R-2
PC210-10 PW200-7K PC150-5 PC70-6 PC200LC-5X PC95R-2 USA
PC210-5K PW200-7E0 PC150-6K PC70-6S PC400-8R WD900-3
PC210-6 PW210-1 PC150HD-5K PC70-7 PC220LC-2 D20PL-5
PC210-6-A1 PW220-7E0 PC150LC-1 PC70-7-B PC220LC-3 D20PL-6
PC210-6D PW220-7K PC150LC-3 PC70-7E PC220LC-5 D20PL-7
PC210-6G PW220MH-7 PC150LC-6K PC70-7E-B PC220LC-5C D20PL-8
PC210-6K PW30-1 PC150LGP-6K PC700LC-8E0 PC220LC-6 D20PLL-6
PC210-7-CA PW30T-1 PC150NHD-6K PC700LC-8R PC220LC-6L D20PLL-7
PC210-7-CG PW400MH-6 PC158US-2 PC70FR-1 PC220LC-6LC D20PLL-8
PC210-7K PW05-1 PC158USLC-2 PC710-5 PC220LC-6LE D20Q-5
PC210-8K D135A-1 PC15FR PC710SE-5 PC220LC-6Z D20Q-6
PC210-8 D135A-2 PC15MR PC75-1 PC220LC-7 D20Q-7
PC240-8 D150A-1 PC15MRX PC750-6 PC220LC-7-BA D20Q-7-M
PC290-8 D155A-2 PC15R-8 PC750-6-AM PC220LC-7L D20QG-6
PC210LC-10 D155A-2A PC15T-2 PC750-7 PC220LC-8 D20S-6
PC210LC-5K D155A-3 PC160-6K PC750-7-M1 PC220LC-8M0 D20S-7
PC210LC-6 D155A-5 PC1600-1 PC750LC-6 PC220LL-6 D21A-3
PC210LC-6G D155A-6 PC1600SP-1 PC750LC-6K PC220LL-7L D21A-5
PC210LC-6K D155A-6R PC160LC-7 PC750LC-7 PC220LL-8 D21A-6
PC210LC-6L D155AX-3 PC160LC-7-E0 PC750LC-7K PC228US-2 D21A-7
PC210LC-6LC D155AX-3C PC160LC-7K PC750SE-6 PC228US-2J D21A-7T
PC210LC-6LE D155AX-5 PC160LC-8 PC750SE-6K PC228US-3 D21A-8
PC210LC-7 D155AX-6 PC160LC-LGP PC750SE-7 PC228US-3-AA D21A-8E0
PC210LC-7-DA D155AX-6A PC16R-2 PC750SE-7K PC228US-3-AB D21A-8T
PC210LC-7-DG D155AX-7 PC16R-3 PC75R-2 PC228US-3-AG D21AG-7
PC210LC-7K D155S-1 PC1800-6 PC75UD-2 PC228US-3-AP D21E-6


Our Advantage:



1. Reasonable price and premium quality


2. Fast and safe delivery


3. Sample is available


4. Nice Service


5. Strong Production




Frequently Asked Question:



Q1: What is the lead time?

Within 7 days - 10 days after received your order.(Usually the sample lead time about 1 days - 5 days, bulk about 7 days - 10 days.)


Q2: Do you provide sample?

Yes, we can provide sample generally.



Q3: What's the shipping method?

Air shipping, sea shipping and the express,but for details please contact us to know clear.



Q4: How To Buy From us?

For pump parts, pls kindly offer the part number or pump series number with machine model.
For Hydraulic Seals, pls kindly offer the seal type, seal size.
For Hydraulic Seal kits, pls kindly offer the part number, the machine model, the seal type.




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